Rick Tegeler, Ph. D.

Founder, Author, Photographer, Oceanographer.

Diving since 1959, Rick is an award winning, internationally known and recognized photojournalist residing in British Columbia. For the past fifty years, he has dived, photographed, written about and travelled extensively in the band of Tropics around the world amassing a stock library of over 50,000 images. His sensitive camera eye captures the mystique and incredible beauty of the little known world beneath the surface of the world’s oceans. Many of the resulting photographs are masterpieces. His interests have taken him to the Red Sea, Fiji, the Cook Islands, Sri Lanka, the Netherland Antilles, Micronesia, Central and South America, Hawaii, all over the Caribbean, the Philippines, Australia, the Maldives, Papua New Guinea and many more exotic locations. Rick’s images and corresponding text have graced the pages of numerous, major magazines,  travel publications and books.   The passion and perspective he brings to  his photography is unique, often stunning and always beautiful.

Rick and Barbara

Photography for 50 years.

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