Sea Jewels

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In the mid-1600s a Spanish treasure patrol carrying a king’s ransom in gold is lost without a trace in the high desert bordering the magnificent Sierra of California. A mysterious Japanese freighter transporting a unique and deadly German weapon, code named HAVOC, is sunk in the exotic harbor of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea in 1944. Wolverine, terrorist for hire, delivers missile-targeting hardware to the Iraqis from a secret warehouse in Ireland at the end of the Gulf War. Cody Steele, a disinclined “black-ops” facilitator for the US, must race the clock to find Wolverine and disable HAVOC before it is used to incapacitate the capital of California and more, while in the process discovering the unusual tie between all these events. In the middle of the night, during a storm of biblical proportion, on a high dam protecting Sacramento, the line in the sand ultimately is drawn.

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