As a photojournalist specialising in dive travel for over fifty years, I have had the good fortune to spend quite a few pleasant hours combing some rather exotic and remote beaches around the world.  Additionally, during some lengthy and boring decompression stops whilst diving, searching for exotic shells occupied otherwise wasted time.  The British Columbia winters can be long and sometime during a very long one I was contemplating the ‘collection’ (really a haphazard pile) of shells in my shop and decided I ought to do something with them. 

As we’ve little room to display them in our log home, I determined that I would attempt to create some unusual jewellery for my lovely wife Barbara. Well… after numerous compliments from a variety of people, we decided to give them a try in retail stores… ‘just to see how it goes’. Soon, SEA JEWELS were proudly displayed and sold in over thirty exclusive retail outlets in Canada, the US and several countries in the Tropics.

I have no plans to ever ‘mass market’ SEA JEWELS and will continue to create unique and beautiful pieces out of these rare and ‘not-so-rare’ jewels of the sea so long as the endeavour remains interesting and fun. Each piece I make is unique and no two are ever exactly the same. I am gratified to know that I can share a little piece of the beauty and wonder of our world underwater with each SEA JEWELS creation.



Hand crafted, custom, shell jewellery made from shells collected by Rick over 50 years of diving. Findings are all sterling silver. Complements are semi-precious gemstones. No two pieces are the same.